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From our Principal

Hi Everyone,
Unfortunately, we have had to deal with some instances of cyberbullying between students outside of school. This is becoming a more common occurrence in Primary schools and a regular concern in Secondary schools across the world.
As parents, we play a key role in teaching our children the expected way to interact with others in everyday life and, in our modern society that now extends to guiding them in how to behave in online environments.
To assist with this, we need to know what our children are doing online, just like we need to know where they are and what they are up to in the real world.
I highly recommend that if your child is interacting with others online that you have a way of monitoring what is going on. Here are some simple hints and tips that you might like to consider to help keep your child's online experience as safe as possible.
1. Computers, phones and tablets are only used in public spaces. This makes accessing inappropriate content or misbehaving with electronic devices difficult.
2. All account passwords are held by parents. If you can't access it, then they shouldn't either.
3. Only real, physical friends can be online friends. Interacting with friends is hard enough without introducing unknown (and possibly dangerous) people.
4. Learn how to screenshot on all your devices. If you see something that needs to be reported, screenshot it. (Google will help you with that!)
5. Check in with and on your kids regularly in their online environment. It is not invading their privacy, it is simply making sure they are safe.
Threatening other people in any way in an online environment is a crime. Please make sure your children know that if they experience or witness this serious form of bullying then they need to report it. Below is the link to the Australian Government Cyber Security site where these crimes can be reported.
As with all forms of bullying they can also be reported to the school if they involve students.
Mr Barath