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Homework Policy


Homework provides students with opportunities to consolidate their classroom learning, develop patterns of behaviour for lifelong learning beyond the classroom and involve family members in their learning.


  • Homework is designed to establish a routine of study that encourages students to be life long learners.
  • Homework provides students with the opportunity to consolidate learning appropriate to learning needs
  • Homework takes into account the need for students to have a balanced lifestyle.
Teachers are responsible for
  • providing clear class homework procedures, as well as ensuring the consistent application and management of these procedures
  • encouraging and acknowledging the completion of homework
  • officially marking and providing timely feedback to students and parents
  • discussing with parents any developing problems concerning their child’s homework
  • suggesting strategies to assist with their homework
  • providing homework which is differentiated and appropriate to learning needs
  • providing support to students to assist with their homework, e,g, before school
Students are responsible for
  • taking responsibility for their own learning by accepting responsibility for the completion of homework tasks within set time frames
  • attending Homework Clubs to gain assistance when difficulties arise
  • handing in homework on time, completed. 
Parents are responsible for
  • assisting their child meet homework requirements.  Ways to do this include discussing key questions, directing them to resources, reading to them and involving them in tasks at home.
  • liaising with the teacher around difficulties their child is experiencing
  • facilitating the attendance of Homework Club
Every week, homework is to include activities focusing on language features (e.g. punctuation, spelling, grammar) and mathematical operations, consistent with the format of NAPLAN questions.  It is expected that all children do homework and teachers work to facilitate this.  Regular independent reading will develop sound study habits and support a child’s learning.
All class teachers are expected to hand out homework on a Monday and collect on a Friday.  Homework is to be marked and feedback given, and returned on a Monday.
As a general rule, homework is not set for weekends and holidays, but ‘catch-up’ homework may be set where a student has missed a substantial amount of school.
Prescribed levels of homework for different age groups
Prep and Year 1
Could be up to – but generally not more than – 1 hour each week
Years 2 and 3
Could be up to – but generally not more than – 1 hour each week
Years 4 and 5
Could be up to -  but generally not more than – 2-3 hours each week
Years 6
Could be up to -  but generally not more than – 3-4 hours each week



This homework policy supports the view that student homework helps establish a positive routine of regular, independent study. It also provides opportunities for students to maintain a balanced afterschool lifestyle where they are able to take part in activities with parents and friends and to develop interests in other areas.